Is a world without nation borders just a pipedream? Rosanna (from the No Borders In Climate Justice collective) doesn’t think so.

In this speech outside the High Court, she points to the freedom of movement of capital and rich elites. Money moves freely across borders to find lower paid workers to exploit, and to avoid paying taxes. Private planes fly around the world without restriction.

As the climate crisis deepens, people will need to move to find safety, so she is campaigning for a world where people have as much freedom of movement as does money.

Her speech was part of last week’s solidarity event at the Royal Courts of Justice, where the long prison sentences for climate protesters Marcus Decker and Morgan Trowland were being appealed. On Monday, judges rejected that appeal, ruling that Parliament’s intention for long sentences under new public nuisance laws were to act as a deterrent against climate protests. ICYMI read Real Media’s article on the shadowy lobbyists behind new laws.

Under the Nationality and Borders Act, any one of around 6 million people may be at risk of deportation at the whim of the Home Secretary. As well as his prison sentence, Marcus Decker is facing deportation because he was born a German citizen, even though he has a partner and family here.