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We need your support to continue – if you have liked our work and want us to survive and grow, please help now. We don’t need lots of money from anyone, rather we need lots of people each giving us a little. Please consider giving even just £4 a month, or a single donation – it all helps. All donors will receive a private link to this special full length documentary about Brian Haw’s struggle with a government bent on ending his decade-long protest in Parliament Square against the Iraq War. Watch the trailer here.


Let us share a dream with you, that really doesn’t seem so impossible. Imagine 25,000 ordinary people, each contributing less than the price of a coffee each week, say £10 per month. That could fund 12 Laura Kuenssbergs, or nearer 100 full-time and part-time proper journalists! That amazing independent team would answer to a simple editorial policy:

– to hold the rich and powerful to account, with fairness and accuracy – after all, this is the function of journalism, all else is PR. (attr. Orwell, Chomsky et al.)

There are many decent journalists out there, currently constrained by editorial policies and their workplace ‘Overton window’, who would flourish on a platform designed to provide trusted news funded and guided by the public – yes, let’s build a system so that subscribers have some say in the areas they want to see coverage. We will build our team with some of the finest investigative journalists, but also provide a platform for citizen journalists – a healthy cross-cultural mix of experience, background, age, and specialism.

To build this dream, we need your help. So please consider making a monthly contribution and start helping to build a news and investigation platform fit for a world facing multiple challenges.


Real Media is a non-profit news co-operative, meaning that your interest and support are everything to us. Your regular donation can help keep our independent reporting survive and expand and helps us challenge the corporate media agenda and report the news you don’t see.

Since Autumn 2016 we have established a reputation for trustworthy campaigning journalism that is not based in party politics. We’ve brought you hundreds of reports on protests and campaigns, and regularly paired this street activism with in-depth interviews with experts and academics.

We were fortunate to launch with substantial support from a couple of individual donors who believed in our project and never interfered with nor influenced our content. For more than three years we’ve continued with a skeleton crew and on shoestring budgets, and during that time we have grown our audience without financial promotion, achieving constant organic growth across all our platforms. To date we’ve done this without accepting advertising, and without asking you for money.

As ‘fake news’ becomes more sophisticated, as corporate and state journalism unashamedly promotes the interests of its owners, and as all media faces a funding shortfall which undermines its ability to be effective, we need to count on the support of our audience in order to be able to carry on and expand our work.