Supporters gathered outside the Royal Courts of Justice this morning, ahead of a sentencing appeal by lawyers over the long imprisonment of Morgan Trowland and Marcus Decker.

The two Just Stop Oil protesters climbed up Queen Elizabeth Bridge in October 2022 to unfurl a banner as part of ongoing protests to bring attention to scientists’ warnings over climate.

They received the longest prison sentences handed out for peaceful protest in the UK – 3 years, and 2 years 7 months respectively. Marcus is additionally under threat of deportation because he is a German citizen, despite having a life and family in the UK. A petition demanding he remains has had nearly 100,000 signatures to date.

In a powerful speech outside the court, barrister Paul Powlesland spoke about how the new law of Public Nuisance is inherently political, and that not everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. Along with nearly 200 other lawyers he has signed a declaration that he will not prosecute peaceful climate protesters. Lawyers Are Responsible also refuse to act on behalf of companies engaged in new fossil fuel projects.

He and others have received criticism from the Chairman of the Bar Council, but Paul is unrepentant and believes it is those lawyers who condemn him now who will be judged and damned by history.