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The ‘JPMorgan 5’ sentenced by controversial judge this morning

Judge Silas Reid sentenced five women this morning at Inner London Crown Court after they were found guilty in a controversial trial which he...

Benno Ohnesorg – Death in a Berlin Street

In the ‘Next Door Radicals’ series, Sul Nowroz explores individual stories about ordinary people taking extraordinary action to resist injustice and oppression. While corporate...

British Museum closes to the public over Palestine protest

In December, the British Museum publicly announced a new £50 million 10-year sponsorship deal with BP, which will include building an ‘Energy Centre’ to...

Andrew Feinstein speaks at first day of Gaza Week in Kentish Town

Feinstein is a lifelong anti-war and anti-racism activist who served in Nelson Mandela’s government as an MP, leading the ANC’s public accounts committee. He...

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