Thursday, May 6, 2021

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NHS privatisation by stealth – the selling of GP practices

More than 50 GP practices have recently been transferred into private hands across the UK with little or no scrutiny or oversight, and campaigners...

Extinction Rebellion ‘Rebellion of One’ protests

Please note: the woman in this film is 'Rosie' not 'Sophie' - apologies. In a response in part to the pandemic, and in part to...

Human Rights Watch lends new legal backing to Palestine Action campaign

A landmark report from Human Rights Watch appears to lend new well-researched and documented legal support to Palestine Action’s campaign (reported extensively by Real...

Jury acquits Shell window-smashers

For the past two weeks, six Extinction Rebellion activists have faced trial at Southwark Crown Court over more than £25,000 criminal damage to the...

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