Thursday, December 2, 2021

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Global Majority activists’ High Court challenge against government over climate inaction

Real Media was back at the High Court last week where climate litigation charity Plan B were supporting three student climate activists who are...

UK climate protesters sent to prison by judge with family connections to fossil-fuel funding.

Interviews with Insulate Britain prisoners From this week's What's Happening weekly news roundup On Wednesday morning, nine climate protesters from Insulate Britain were sent to prison...

Dramatic climate protest with ‘Reverend Billy’ at British Museum during COP26

On Saturday, halfway through the Glasgow COP26 climate conference, activist theatre group BP or not BP? returned to the British Museum along with the...

Jubilee for Climate – Interviews and action from the launch event

On Friday morning 15th October, on the tenth anniversary of the four-month long ‘Occupy London’ protest, activists climbed outside the Stone Gallery at St...

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