Saturday, March 6, 2021

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Six charged over weapons factory occupation

Six Palestine Action activists were in court in the Midlands this morning after being held for around 40 hours by police. Their homes were...

First footage from the latest Palestine Action protest at weapons factory

At 2am this morning activists from Palestine Action once again climbed on to the roof of UAV Engines Ltd in Shenstone Midlands. The factory manufactures...

Nationwide banner drops protesting against HS2

Today across the UK, hundreds of activists co-ordinated banner-drops in public places from Penzance to Fife, the Isle of White to Wigan, and Carmarthen...

Final battle for trees at Highbury Corner

Back in 2018, Islington Council gave planning permission for a new development at Highbury Corner in north London. They are building 14 prime location...

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