Wednesday, January 27, 2021

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Red paint sprayed at offices of Jones Lang LaSalle

This afternoon, activists campaigning against arms company Elbit Systems UK visited the London office of Jones Lang LaSalle, who are the landlords of Elbit’s...

Scientists daub the Royal Society with paint (again)

Back in September, activists from Scientist Rebellion threw green paint at the entrance to the Royal Society in London. Despite on that occasion being...

Plastics Rebellion protest at Ineos HQ shut down by police.

This week sees the 5th Anniversary of the COP21 Paris Climate Agreement. So far, despite noble words, ambitious commitments, and powerful speeches, carbon emissions have...

Direct action halts removal of cycle lanes by Kensington & Chelsea council

Campaigners last night managed to halt work due to start removing cycle lanes from Kensington High Street. The protesters, from Stop Killing Cyclists and...

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