Sunday, October 24, 2021

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Jubilee for Climate – Interviews and action from the launch event

On Friday morning 15th October, on the tenth anniversary of the four-month long ‘Occupy London’ protest, activists climbed outside the Stone Gallery at St...

Afghanistan – 20 years of occupation – an interview with Maya Evans

Real Media interviewed Maya Evans who has visited Afghanistan on many occasions in her role at the Afghanistan Peace Project which aims to amplify...

Free James Brown – gold medal Paralympian in prison for protesting

On Friday morning at Southwark Crown Court, trial judge Gregory Perrins passed sentence on Paralympian gold medallist James Brown, committing him to 12 months...

Why Insulate Britain? – special report

Radical action hit the news at the start of last week when dozens of activists occupied several M25 motorway junctions around London during the...

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