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Hate mob “Stands for Israel” outside north London cinema

The busy High Road in East Finchley was shut down for more than an hour last night as an angry mob of Israel supporters...

CPS Protest and Lord Walney’s protest crackdown

The Attorney General and Lord Walney We reported recently on a failed attempt by the Attorney General (AG) to prosecute Trudi Warner for contempt of...

As Jabalia is Slaughtered a Surrey Campus Stirs

Jabalia Jabalia city is in northern Ghazzah, four miles from the fence line with Israel, two miles inland from the beach. Once upon a...

Nakba Day ‘ceasefire council meeting’ held outside Camden Town Hall.

On Nakba Day (Weds 15th May), Camden Council elected their new mayor in a meeting at their town hall in Judd Street, London. Activists from...

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