In April 2019, during the large scale Extinction Rebellion protests, seven activists daubed the front of the Shell HQ building with fake oil, smashed windows, glued themselves on, and painted slogans on the front of the building.

Five were arrested that afternoon, but two remained on the canopy above the entrance for around 24 hours. One of the slogans was “For Polly”, a reference to lawyer Polly Higgins who founded the Stop Ecocide campaign which continues to work towards the establishment of an internationally recognised crime of ‘Ecocide’ which can be used against corporations committing destruction of our environment. At the time of the action, Polly was sadly suffering from an aggressive cancer and died a few days later.

The case is expected to last at least 5 days. Six of the defendants have pled not guilty, and are hoping to present a defence of necessity to the jury and bring attention to the environmental havoc they claim the fossil-fuel corporation has knowingly created.