This week, activists targeted two separate Elbit Systems sites – the Oldham Ferranti Technology factory in the north, and an Elbit headquarters near Bristol.

At Ferranti, two women blockaded the main doors of Cairo House, while three young activists occupied the roof, smashing windows, air conditioners, and other equipment. They entered the factory and poured red paint over computers as well as spraying fake blood on the outside of the building.

Police made five arrests later in the day.

Meanwhile in Bristol, two young women occupied the roof of the Elbit offices throughout the day, stopping work there. Police attended, but left the scene later and the activists left later that night.

The Oldham protesters have all now been released from custody.

Palestine Action continue their string of actions against the Israeli arms producer in protest at the use of Elbit equipment in the illegally occupied Palestinian territories and also in human rights hotspots such as Kashmir and Myanmar. The group claims that the company and the UK government is complicit in war crimes.

Ferranti and Elbit were both contacted for comment but neither have responded. A previous court case against activists was abandoned when Elbit refused to produce documents for the prosecution.