On Monday 4th June, activists from new non-violent direct action campaign ‘Vote No Heathrow’ targeted the Labour party HQ in London with spray paint.

They want the party to honour its environmental commitment in the upcoming Heathrow third runway expansion parliamentary vote which is expected later this month.

Eight people were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage (although the ‘paint’ was in fact chalk spray which washes away easily).

The action kicks off a campaign of civil disobedience including a hunger strike which will begin at the Labour HQ on Saturday.

Apart from their goal of getting a party whip to vote no, the group have asked for a meeting with Labour officials or they promise to escalate their protests.

More info on Facebook/VoteNoHeathro and @VoteNoHeathrow

The action is the first phase in a year of climate related civil disobedience promoted by the RisingUp! group. Real Media recently filmed a lecture outlining the theories behind the RisingUp! campaigns.

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