On April 15th 1933, Palestinian Women marched in protest against British colonialism and the Jewish settlements that the Brits were facilitating.

90 years later, those seeds of occupation have grown into the genocide the world is witnessing in still occupied land.

Worldwide protests took place today promising to strike at the economic enablers of Israel’s expansionism.

We joined Parents For Palestine in a peaceful march in London, with a sit-down outside the offices of BAe  – still exporting parts for the F-35 planes being used in the destruction of Palestine. Despite a vicious April shower, they ended their protest with another short sit-down temporarily bringing Piccadilly to a standstill.

To remind passers-by that none of this began on October 7, many of the women had the dates and names of successive massacres pinned to their backs – the ones the Palestinian people have suffered over decades – and they dragged casts of body parts symbolically behind them.

Holding their small children in their arms, or baby dolls wrapped in blood-stained shrouds, they sang:

I hear the voice of my ancestors calling,

Wake up, wake up, child,

Wake up, Wake up,

Listen, listen, listen, listen.