In the second monthly report from DeSmog, researcher Chloe Farand runs through some of the stories being uncovered by the DeSmog team.

‘Empire Oil’ looks at the way the London’s Alternative Investment Market gives a cloak of respectability to numerous small oil companies operating around the world with little regulation.

Campaigners are fighting back as the AGM season kicks off with BP’s poorly attended meeting in Manchester – a 3-hour barrage of climate and human rights questions fired at the board of directors.

Meanwhile, Liam Fox peddles the UK’s post-Brexit export wares as he visits despotic countries like Bahrain to tell them that Britain is ‘open for business’.

Back home, the government keeps losing in court as Client Earth challenge them to do something about the air we breathe, but as pollution continues to choke us, the government’s response is ineffectual and ‘baffling’.

Fracking gets a mention as Ineos takes the Scottish government to court attempting to sue them over their fracking ban.

And finally, a trailer for an upcoming story at with a spotlight on FIFA, the World Cup and Big Oil. Watch out for more stories from the environmental front line next month.

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