24th November saw Extinction Rebellion back on the streets as they held a rally in Parliament Square after blocking off all roads with lock-ons and civil disobedience.

An attempt to dig a grave in the centre of the square was thwarted by police. It was going to be for a symbolic coffin representing the 200 species a day that are going extinct on our planet.

Undeterred, the procession of more than a thousand people set off along Whitehall, now closed to all traffic. There was a sit-in for a while outside Downing Street, and some people sprayed chalk ‘extinction symbols’ and other messages on the road and pavement – several were arrested.

Led by a New Orleans style funeral band, the procession continued along Pall Mall and delivered the coffin at the gates of Buckingham Palace where wreaths, photos, flowers and other mementos were stacked on top of it. Through a powerful sound system, they read an open letter to the Queen, and recited their declaration of rebellion. One woman glued herself to the railings outside Buckingham Palace.

After several hours in which large areas of central London were sealed off to traffic, some of the activists returned to Parliament Square for more speeches and music.

Extinction Rebellion is a fast-growing movement using civil disobedience to highlight climate change and species extinction, with three clear demands to government to challenge the crisis.

They are working towards a global shutdown in the Spring.