On Monday, three female activists chained the front doors, climbed on a roof and sprayed red paint down the front of Vine Property Management in Harborne, Birmingham. The company, which merged with Fisher German in 2019, is responsible for the management and oversight of the UAV Engines factory in Shenstone, a subsidiary of Elbit, which has been the target of several direct action protests in the past.

UAV manufacture technology for the Hermes drones which are used by the Israeli military to terrorise and bomb Palestinians in the illegally occupied territories.

The activists were arrested after being removed from the roof in the early evening, and were held for 24 hours by West Midlands police.

Meanwhile one activist remains on remand after an action more than three weeks ago at the nearby Arconic factory. Yogi has been on hunger strike since being imprisoned at HMP Foston Hall and lawyers acting on their behalf have made formal complaints to the prison about their treatment.

Palestine Action is a direct action network trying to force Israeli arms company Elbit out of the UK. Despite dozens of actions, millions of pounds worth of alleged damage and lost business, and heavy police surveillance, no-one has been taken to court.

Back in 2016, Elbit pulled out of a prosecution at the last minute after refusing to produce documents for the court. Elbit has been approached on several occasions for comment, but have not responded.