On Wednesday, hundreds took part in a protest linking hands around the iconic Lloyd’s building yesterday, demanding they put in environmental policies to exclude carbon-intensive projects from insurance cover, and inviting staff to a community assembly on the 5th March.

A large police attendance ensured the blockade was mostly symbolic, but staff coming in and out of the building had to duck under “Climate Crime Scene” tape, and campaigners tried to engage in conversation to explain the important role insurers might have in halting further fossil fuel exploration and extraction.

Police used their new stop and search powers liberally, and at least one person was arrested – unconfirmed reports suggest this was because they were carrying some cable ties (used to affix banners).

An Extinction Rebellion spokesperson said “The people inside this building have the power to pull the plug on the very worst climate-wrecking fossil fuel projects by refusing to insure them. We’re calling on them to recognise their power – and use it now. They can be climate heroes, change the course of history.”

The protest was part of a global week of action against insurers with more than 30 actions in 20 or so cities around the world. An open letter with three demands was sent to insurance companies warning them of protest action if they don’t help avert climate chaos by working towards rapid and just transition.