Lee Camp has been writing and performing comedy for more than twenty years, and as well as headlining regularly across the United States, he hosts the weekly ‘Redacted Tonight’ satirical comedy show on RT America  where he exposes the lies of elites and corporate media, always with a deadly comic twist.

Comedy was something that Lee wanted to do since he was a boy, but as an activist he also found it was a way to share ideas with audiences of every political persuasion and sometimes coax them out of their bubbles with laughter.

Lee was over in the UK for his first appearance in London for six years, playing to a packed house at the Backyard comedy club, and despite a busy schedule he found the time to meet with Real Media and talk about his comic roots, the state of the media, Extinction Rebellion, and his thoughts on the parlous state of British democracy.

His UK show also featured an appearance from Eleanor Goldfield who partners Lee in the always thought-provoking and highly recommended ‘Common Censored’ podcast.

More info at http://leecamp.com