Supporters of Just Stop Oil took to the streets of London this morning, with more than a hundred taking part in seven slow marches which caused widespread disruption in the capital.

Real Media filmed at Holborn where a group of around 14 protesters slowed traffic in the area for more than an hour early this morning. They said it was the beginning of a daily campaign, with supporters coming from all round the country over the coming 12 weeks, to keep demanding that the government commit to no new oil and gas exploration, as recommended by the International Energy Agency, the United Nations, and the majority of the world’s climate scientists.

Today was the last day of Extinction Rebellion’s #UniteToSurvive protest, which promised to be family-friendly and non-disruptive, but they have warned the government that unless a meaningful commitment was made to stop new exploration and organise Citizen’s Assemblies to guide energy policy, then they too will resume disruptive tactics, backed by a new coalition of organisations.

The Just Stop Oil slow marches are lawful under present legislation, although police have powers to impose conditions. This morning, police arrived to facilitate the march after around half an hour, and there were no arrests.