Dozens of environmental activists poured hundreds of litres of fake blood onto the road outside Downing Street on Saturday, risking arrest in an action called “Blood Of Our Children”.

It was the latest act of civil disobedience in a series of escalating actions organised by Extinction Rebellion.

In front of hundreds of supporters, after the blood-spill, young people gave speeches about their feelings, fears, and demands, calling out adults who don’t seem to be doing enough about the multiple environmental problems, not least of which is the prospect of runaway climate change.

The ‘blood’ was a viscous liquid made from syrup, flour, food dyes and water, and symbolised the many who are already suffering and dying around the world as a result of climate change, as well as the violent fate facing today’s young people unless we make dramatic changes to take climate change and environmental ruin seriously.

Police watched the action but didn’t intervene, and said they were not interested in arresting the people involved.