Friday, July 21, 2017
Despite a month passing since the Grenfell fire, some residents have still not been re-housed and government have had to be pressured into assurances that victims could stay in the borough. Reports from some residents suggest there have been...


WATCH: Emma Friedmann – Big Pharma and Brexit

Community activist Emma Friedmann explains the caution needed regarding pharma, Brexit and regulation. Will regulation be loosened or tightened? What will that mean for...

WATCH: Helena Paul – Food Fraud, Brexit and GE2017

Helena Paul from EcoNexus explains the potential pitfalls for food safety, labelling and GM in the wake of Brexit, and the relevance of her...


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NHS: What You Need To Know

Fracking With us

The Tory Dodgy Data Fracking Scam, and How to Stop It

The Tories have been developing plans for a bonfire of regulations over fracking over the course of the next government. As detailed in the...

Spycops Series

Fund and Destroy: Tracking The Home Office Relationship with Spycops

By Merrick Badger @MerrickBadger Few would have believed that anything like it happens in this country. Countless miscarriages...

The Law Unto Themselves: SpyCops & Miscarriages of Justice

By Merrick Badger @MerrickBadger / Image Via Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance Officers from Britain’s political secret police lived for...

Garry Glass Column

Automation and the Planned Obsolescence of the Proletariat

Garry Glass discusses how advances in automation are disrupting class relations. Automation is redefining the contours of the...

Nuclear Disarmament and the ‘Special Relationship’

Garry Glass discusses Trident Renewal in the age of Brexit and Trump. Brexit has severed irrevocably our close...