Although based deeply on contemporary research and rigorous analysis of what has made social and revolutionary movements successful throughout history and while organised on flexible scale-uppable decentralised principles borne out of silicon valley start-ups the Extinction Rebellion movement also has another aspect deep in its core.

Ahead of the ‘International Rebellion’ which begins on 15th April, Real Media interviewed Skeena Finebaum-Rathor about the ‘Visioning Group’ within the movement. She speaks about the separation that exists between people and how a rebellion to heal the earth must also heal that separation and be based on the heart. This is something that has been embraced in several of their big civil disobedience actions to date which have had some sort of ritual or ceremonial aspect to them.

Last November when thousands of people came together to block five London bridges for much of the day facing possible arrest and openly challenging and disrupting ‘normal business’ the event ended with a “Sacred Ceremony” in Parliament Square.

Hundreds of people sat in a circle as Skeena introduced various religious and spiritual representatives and then they witnessed the symbolic planting of three trees in the middle of the square. In this interview she talks about that day, the police response, the work of the ‘visioning group’, and the way they hope their input can help the movement succeed.

Skeena sees the Visioning Group’s role as finding ways to bring people together, breaking down the ’them and us’ and in practical ways to search out the ‘heart’ in rebellion so as to offer a path through collapse or catastrophe and a vision of real change to avoid extinction.