BlackRock is a huge asset management company, the largest global investor in deforestation, coal and fossil fuels, and despite the Paris Agreement, they are still expanding their portfolio of holdings in fossil fuels, and routinely oppose sustainability motions at AGMs of fossil fuel companies.

As part of a day of action in the London financial sector, activists from Extinction Rebellion attempted to glue themselves to the front of the building, while others posed as CEO Larry Fink and senior management, gorging themselves on a feast of money and laughing at the protesters.

The meal took place in front of a placard quoting the famous Native American saying that “When the last tree is dead, the last fish caught, and the last river poisoned, you will realise that you cannot eat money.”

There were several arrests at the action, and later that day, the London Metropolitan Police issued a blanket ban on Extinction Rebellion protests anywhere in London for the rest of the week.