Real Media is very happy to host this film in solidarity with the Stansted 15 who were found gulity of a terrorism offence (Aviation and Maritime Securities Act) after staging a peaceful protest on 28th March 2017 to stop a chartered deportation flight at Stansted.

Having been found guilty in a controversial trial at Chelmsford Crown Court the 15 will be sentenced on February and the offence carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment!

This is a great little film by Sue Clayton doing justice to the gross injustice the Stansted 15 are facing, with interviews with some of the activists, their lawyers and friends as well as case studies of some of the deportees whose lives they have transformed or possibly saved through their brave action at Stansted that night.

Sentencing takes place on Wednesday February 6th.

More info: and sign the petition


STANSTED 15 ON TRIAL from Sue Clayton on Vimeo.