UN General Secretary António Guterres – April 4th 2022:

Climate activists are sometimes depicted as dangerous
radicals. But the truly dangerous radicals are the countries that are increasing the production of fossil fuels.

117 Insulate Britain climate activists were charged last week in connection with their campaign of civil disobedience, blocking roads to highlight solutions to the climate crisis.

They have received around 300 charges, mainly Obstruction of the Highway and Causing a Public Nuisance, more than six months after the alleged offences.

Back in November, civil rights groups expressed concern when protesters faced private court injunctions (and prison sentences meted out by a High Court judge with strong family connections to the fossil fuel industry). This was despite the existence of laws covering the alleged offences, which are now being used.

On Monday, some refused to attend their first plea hearings, preferring instead to continue their civil disobedience and join Just Stop Oil activists blockading Britain’s oil infrastructure.

After announcing the effective failure and end of their civil resistance in February, Insulate Britain have joined a coalition of groups, which include Extinction Rebellion, demanding that the government commits to no NEW gas and oil exploration. This would give the UK around eight years of current fossil fuel production during which a rapid transition to a carbon zero economy could take place.

The latest IPCC report, looking into HOW we can reduce emissions, was due to be published earlier, but finally appeared yesterday after delays caused by negotiations over exact wording. Scientists have made the strongest demand yet for an emergency and rapid shift away from fossil fuels.

In the UK, business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng originally proposed a doubling of wind farms in the next 8 years, but the government’s latest energy strategy document, due out on Thursday, looks likely to drop this ambition, and Johnson is instead pushing for a massive increase in nuclear energy with up to 7 new reactors around the UK.

On Friday, April 1st, Real Media reported from Navigator terminal in Thurrock, the busiest bulk liquid terminal in the UK, where dozens of young activists climbed onto the roofs of seven oil tankers, bringing the exit road to a standstill.

Some young protesters also occupied secret tunnels dug under the road, and have been there for days.

Film from JustStopOil.org

We also filmed at a nearby refuelling terminal at Purfleet blockaded by other supporters of the coalition, where we interviewed a third generation Ukrainian with two small children who is trying every possible way to secure their future.

Just Stop Oil claim to have disrupted a total of ten sites that day, and the Navigator blockade lasted 32 hours despite freezing temperatures.

Further waves of direct action have continued to disrupt terminals over the ensuing days, and fuel shortages at garages across the south and east of England have been reported by local news, and across social media, despite little attention from corporate media.

Extinction Rebellion begin a new wave of disruption in London next Saturday, calling for supporters to assemble in Hyde Park at 10am, and Just Stop Oil are hosting Zoom meetings every evening at 7 pm for potential supporters to find out more.