On Friday 19th April, Real Media published footage apparently showing 2 police officers dragging 2 peaceful climate protesters along tarmac at Oxford Circus. One of those protesters was Ivi, who is under 18. We spoke with her and with Megan, who filmed the moment on her phone.

The police had been trying to remove an iconic pink boat at the centre of the Extinction Rebellion blockade at Oxford Circus. After clearing various people locked and glued on to the boat, the police were hoping to move it our of the area. In a last ditch protest, Ivi, along with several other young people, ran past a police tape cordon in an attempt to glue their hands to the road, which would peacefully impede the operation further.

Throughout the week, police have acknowledged that all Extinction Rebellion protest has been completely peaceful, and have used careful, considerate tactics to remove protesters when they felt it necessary to do so. According to Megan, several police officers responded with violence against the young people, and she describes that choke holds were used before dragging the youngsters along the road. Ivi’s neck shows signs of injury, as well as her arm and back.

Despite the trauma, Ivi has vowed to continue her protests, peacefully.

See xryouth.org for more info for young people inspired to join the Rebellion.