Activists from Palestine Action have occupied the UAV Engines Ltd factory in Shenstone, Staffordshire which is owned by Elbit Systems, the largest privately-owned Israeli arms company. Elbit manufactures drones used against Palestinian people, investigated by the United Nations and branded as crimes against humanity.

Several protesters climbed on to the roof of the building in the early hours of 14th September, smashing equipment, hanging banners, and spilling blood red paint down the front of the building. Others locked on to the gates to blockade the factory.

Elbit subsidiaries and connected companies have been the target of direct action on multiple occasions and there have been many arrests, but to date no-one has been convicted because Elbit continually drop charges or pull out of court proceedings when asked to provide evidence of arms export licenses and other documentation in connection with their business.

The protesters say they want to close Elbit factories down and hound the company out of the country because the UK government should not be allowing war criminals to conduct business here.

Real Media contacted Elbit Systems asking for their comment on the protesters’ occupations and their claims over the reasons there have never been any prosecutions – we have had no response.