On 27th April, members of London Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) will be protesting outside Lockheed Martin’s Offices on Lower Regent Street, London.

Lockheed Martin is the world’s biggest arms company. It produces the Trident nuclear missiles and many of the weapons Saudi Arabian forces are using against Yemen.
The protest will be in opposition to Lockheed Martin’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia, which are being used in the ongoing destruction of Yemen.
Campaigners will use the protest to highlight the fact that the company will be among those selling their weapons at the enormous government organised Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI) arms fair in East London in September.  

In September Lockheed Martin will have a big presence at the event. It work will be aided by the UK government’s Defence and Security Organisation, a taxpayer-funded body that will be helping to help organise the Fair.

London CAAT member Ian Pocock said: “As the world’s largest arms company, Lockheed Martin is responsible for untold harm and profits from conflict around the world. The bombing of Yemen has created a humanitarian catastrophe and Lockheed has profited every step of the way.

“They will be among those pushing their deadly wares on anyone who will buy them at the DSEI arms fair in a few months time. DSEI is a stain on the UK’s human rights record and should not be darkening our shores ever again.”

The demonstration will take place from 5pm on Thursday 27th April outside Cunard House 15 Lower Regent Street. London CAAT will be demonstrating outside the offices of other arms companies in the coming months.