On 29 April, the day of the US People’s Climate March, hundreds will gather outside Parliament warning that Theresa May could be following Donald Trump ‘down the path to climate disaster’. In a human chain across Westminster Bridge, they’ll be spelling out the message with giant letters. “Trump and May: Climate Disaster,” just over a month before the general election.

Environmental protection legislation is a key component of the set of EU regulatory measures campaigners fear will be swept aside by a ‘hard Brexit’. The organisers of the protest say that despite the Conservative Party’s original strong support for the Climate Change Act, the current government’s record under first Cameron, then May is far from encouraging.

“Clean energy has huge potential in the UK and costs have fallen dramatically, but our government has seemed determined to slam the brakes on with taxes, unfair restrictions and sudden subsidy cuts.

“There have been 12,000 jobs lost last year in the solar industry alone and installation numbers have plummeted. It’s the same story with onshore wind and energy efficiency. Meanwhile fracking, hugely unpopular, is given determined backing.” said Claire James from the Campaign against Climate Change. 

Campaigners are calling for commitments from all parties ahead of the election to:

  • Fast-track the UK’s (overdue) climate change plan, showing clearly how we can get back on track both with our own Climate Change Act and commitments made in the Paris climate agreement.

  • Rule out quick and dirty trade deals – with the US or any other countries – that sell out a safe climate and healthy environment or the rights of workers and consumers.

  • Implement a fair deal for UK solar and onshore wind industries, reversing the damage done in recent years.

“This is something that everyone except the most hardline climate sceptics should be able to get behind,” said Claire James.

“If the US does pull out of the Paris climate deal as threatened, other nations will need to work together to safeguard our future in the face of US isolationism. The UK has far more to lose than we could possibly gain from cosying up to Donald Trump.”

The action on Westminster Bridge will take place from 1pm. It will be preceded by speeches from 12pm in Old Palace Yard opposite the Houses of Parliament.

Speakers including Suzanne Jeffery, Campaign against Climate Change, Chris Baugh, PCS union, Lorraine Inglis, Frack Off London, Ellen Gibson from 350.org, Suzanne Dhaliwal, UK Tar Sands Network and Sheila Menon, Plane Stupid, will talk about the climate crisis, the growing climate movement in the US and UK, and how people can get involved.