Footage courtesy of Just Stop Oil – edit by Real Media

Early this morning two supporters of the Just Stop Oil Coalition climbed up 160mm diameter cables 120 metres above the Thames on the Queen Elizabeth M25 crossing east of London, stopping all traffic. Their action is the latest in a campaign of daily disruption around the capital in protest at the recent announcement of government plans to grant more than 100 new oil and gas licences.

Their demand is that the government makes a meaningful statement to cancel all new exploration and embark on a swift and just transition to renewable energy funded by the fossil fuel companies and the rich.

The climbers have created a base station high above the bridge with a connecting rope between them, and intend to remain there for as long as possible awaiting a government response.

Just Stop Oil are calling for people to join them for daily protests and civil disobedience outside the gates of Downing Street at 11am daily.