The Just Stop Oil Coalition plan to bring disruptive protest to London for several weeks beginning 1st October. They are hoping to build a movement that understands the connectedness of multiple crises affecting our societies, linking climate, cost of living, economics, environment, and media and democracy.

Real Media interviewed Dr Larch Maxey in Parliament Square where thousands of people convened from several marches which had blocked London Bridges on the first day of rolling civil disobedience in the capital.

The day coincided with the largest workers’ strike for decades, with 115,000 CWU communications workers joining strikes by the RMT, GWR, ASLEF, TSSA, as well ballot announcements by the NEU teachers and NHS workers. Their rally outside King’s Cross Station in London drew crowds of thousands, and Don’t Pay UK and Extinction Rebellion were very visible in the crowd too.

From there, a march headed via a blockade on Waterloo Bridge to Parliament Square, where they were joined by further marches which had set off from various points around London, blocking Lambeth and Westminster bridges along the way.

Just Stop Oil Coalition have five basic demands: no new oil exploration, tax big polluter billionaires, basic energy for all, jobs and reduced bills through home insulation, and cheap public transport.

Although the day was a huge show of public anger over the budgetary and policy announcements of the UK’s new unelected leaders, there is still some way to go in connecting the dots. In the course of a dozen speeches to a crowd of thousands, there was not a single mention of the climate crisis from union leaders or MPs. Despite this, thousands  joined the Just Stop Oil marches and took part in civil disobedience, and the coalition is growing with a wide range of partners and supporters.

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