Hundreds from across the country are expected to attend a Stand up to Trump summit on Saturday at Friends Meeting House, London.

As each day passes it becomes evident that the Trump administration is a dangerous and chaotic regime which poses a serious threat to the world. Stop the War, along with other organisations and trade unions, has called for the UK government to distance itself from the Trump regime. Trump’s state visit should not go ahead.

This week Trump displayed a confused and cavalier attitude to the Middle East peace process and a complete indifference to Palestinian rights. This comes after he has called for the eradication of Islamic extremists and a promise to ‘bomb the sh**t’ out of ISIS. His administration has already bombed five middle eastern countries and it looks increasingly likely that US ground troops will be sent into Syria. Along with the Muslim ban these policies represent a move towards increasing tensions and instability in the Middle East.

Stop the War along with a number of organisations, trade unions and campaigning groups is part of the Stand Up to Trump Coalition planning to oppose Trump’s visit to Britain. Hundreds of people are expected to attend the summit travelling from across the country.

The summit is organised by the Stand up to Trump committee and aims to step up the campaign to have Donald Trump’s invitation cancelled but also lay plans for massive popular mobilisations if Theresa May makes the mistake of keeping the invitation open.

It will be calling for the biggest possible demonstrations outside Parliament on Monday 20 February from 3pm to coincide with the Westminster Hall debate on the visit.