“We are living in a very corrupt time, and nature is suffering”, say climate activists whose actions postponed work at Hampstead Road in Euston when HS2 came to cut down eleven old plane trees last week.

Serial tree protester Dr. Larch Maxey climbed up a tree last Tuesday and managed to camp there for five days, holding up further felling before he was finally arrested late on Sunday afternoon.

Real Media visited the protest on Saturday afternoon when HS2 Rebellion activists managed to delay the movement of machinery by climbing on fences. One protester also climbed onto a cherry-picker which stopped workers from cutting any more branches. He was arrested after a few hours.

Nearby residents said that work was supposed to have a 1pm curfew on Saturdays, though workers claimed they had been granted a special license to continue, but demonstrators say that they checked with HS2 and no such authority existed.

Hundreds of thousands of trees will be lost across the UK due to the project, now set to cost more than £100 billion.

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