On September 2nd, Extinction Rebellion occupied Tufton Street for several hours and set up a stage in front of number 55, the home of many secretly-funded lobby organisations and ‘think tanks’ which influence (some would say “control”) the government and the media.

One of the many speakers was Donnachadh McCarthy, author of the book ‘The Prostitute State’ which he wrote after leaving his post as Deputy Chair of the Liberal Democrat party.

With his inside knowledge he reveals how lobbyists get things done in the corridors of power on behalf of their wealthy patrons, and at the expense of democracy and ordinary people, and how the media is complicit in this process.

He spoke about the corrupt police behind Extinction Rebellion smears, and how the same people behind the Vote Leave campaign are now working to sell off the NHS in trade deals with the USA, with Tony Abbott, the misogynist Australian ex-PM being put forward as negotiator.

This is the first of several reports by Real Media on this very important subject which we first covered back in 2018.