Three activists from Palestine Action targeted the central London headquarters of Israeli weapons company Elbit Systems this morning at 8am.

They sprayed the front doors at 77 Kingsway in Holborn and then used lock-on pipes to sit across the doorway, gluing their hands to the walls, to try to disrupt normal business as part of a long-running campaign targeting their factories and offices.

Components manufactured in the UK are used in the illegally occupied territories in Palestine and are used to uphold the internationally condemned Israeli apartheid system there. The activists also claim that Elbit manufactures illegal weapons and supplies rogue states.

Police arrived after around 20 minutes, and they arrested one of the supporters who was holding a ‘Shut Elbit Down’ banner.

A protest removal team arrived after a couple of hours, and eventually the three protesters were unlocked and arrested after nearly three hours of disruption.

Despite 20 months of disruption, the only court cases against any Palestine Action activists have either collapsed or have resulted in acquittals. The continued direct action campaigning is thought to have cost the company millions of pounds in disruption, damaged infrastructure, and destroyed equipment.