At the recent #SchoolStrike on 24th May, there was much support from parents and teachers as students walked out of schools and colleges once again to protest against government inaction on the climate and ecological crisis.

We joined cyclists at Russell Square for the start of one of two bicycle feeder rides (north and south) heading towards Parliament Square that morning. The rides were organised by Parents For Future with powerful support from London Cycling Campaign. Along the way, we interviewed the Chief Executive of LCC, Dr Ashok Sinha, himself a parent of school-age children who have taken part in the climate strikes. Speaking with other parents, we heard that at least some schools are becoming more broadly supportive of the movement than appeared at first.

Dr Sinha said that there is no politician anywhere on the world that is doing enough on the climate crisis, and that he hoped to see a Mayor of London act in a way that was “commensurate with an emergency”.