On Saturday 11th March, a protest was held at the Japanese Embassy in London, followed by a march and a rally at Downing Street.

Organised by Remember Fukushima, Japanese Against Nuclear, CND, Kick Nuclear and others, it was a message to the people of Japan that they have not been forgotten, six years on from the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

By return, a message was read out to the crowd from Ruiko Muto, who is Chair of the Complainants for the Criminal Prosecution of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster. In the UK, a new reactor at Hinkley is on temporary hold, but there are grave concerns raised about the safety of the old cores which are running way past their official lifetime.

Among the speakers were Kate Hudson (CND), Lis Fields, an artist and photographer who visited the Fukushima area last year and Nikki Clark (SouthWest Against Nuclear) who features in the interview below: 

Nikki Clark is a local anti-nuclear campaigner who lives near the Hinkley nuclear complex in Somerset. She spoke at a London march and rally to commemorate the 6th anniversary of the deadly Fukushima disaster.

Although our government has not given the go-ahead to Hinkley ‘C’, there is building work already going on there, and meanwhile a report by Large & Associates casts extreme doubt over the safety of Hinkley ‘B’, an ancient reactor still running way past its official shut-down date.

Nikki ends by telling us how we can switch energy and support renewables.

More info at SouthWestAgainstNuclear.wordpress.com