The #VoteNoHeathrow campaign group staged this dramatic action in the Lobby of the House of Commons yesterday. The group is attempting to persuade MPs to vote against Heathrow expansion on the grounds that it is incompatible with the massive societal changes humanity requires in order to avoid catastrophic climate change.

They began their campaign last week by spraying the windows of the Labour Party HQ in London, where several activists were arrested. This was followed by a hunger strike, with vigils at Labour HQ and outside the offices of Unite the Union (who are pushing for a yes vote on behalf of their workers).

Yesterday, several of the hunger strikers passed through intense security to the very heart of government to protest in the Lobby of Parliament.

The group describes itself as a pop-up campaign from the local Heathrow community as well as environmental activists, which aims to persuade supposedly ‘progressive’ political parties and institutions, through a series of direct actions, to vote against Heathrow expansion.

They want people to support them by fasting for a day and publicising this with the #VoteNoHeathrow hashtag, write to MPs, newspapers, and union reps, phone in to talk shows, and come along to publicised events on their Facebook page: @VoteNoHeathro.