The Tories have been developing plans for a bonfire of regulations over fracking over the course of the next government. As detailed in the video below, these plans are based on very suspect data.

The fight against fracking in the UK is alive and well, despite harsh and deeply worrying policing – with dedicated teams obstructing work at fracking sites across the country. 

With the impending Queen’s Speech, there are two key dates coming up in parliament with regard to the legislative aspect of the fight against fracking:

– 22nd of June is the likely date of a debate about the specifics of the new government’s fracking plans;
– 26th of June is the likely date of a broader debate about the context of fracking in the UK, and the general principles that should inform the British government’s approach to it.

In advance of both of these dates fracking campaigners are urging people to write to ther parliamentary representatives and to members of the House of Lords to create pressure on legislators to support the anti-fracking position that is shared by so many amongst the British electorate.