The prospect of a war against Iran appears to have receded at the moment, despite the United States’ extra-judicial assassination of General Suleimani, the Iranian military response, and the playground diplomacy which ensued.

But we know that the plan to find an excuse to attack Iran has been kicking around the upper echelons of US government for a very long time, and the continued sanctions, wrangling over the nuclear deal, and pressure from Israel, all make a future war a possibility though not an inevitability.

Tez Ilyas is a British-born Muslim stand-up comedian who has won various awards and hosted the Channel 4 series ‘The Tez O’Clock Show’. He spoke in Trafalgar Square at the Stop The War Coalition’s rally ‘Don’t Attack Iraq’ held on 11th January just over a week after the assassination.

He spoke about the fact that the whole of this century, the UK has been conducting warfare in the Middle East, along with selling arms to Saudi Arabia who are responsible for the humanitarian disaster in the Yemen.

His message to Boris Johnson:

Send troops to Australia to put out fires, not to the Middle East to start fires.