“My claim is that the research I’ve done is some of the most important research in the world… at the moment we’re facing existential crisis – one of those posh academic words for “We’re all fucked and we’re going to die” and if you’re not aware of that then I suggest you look at the science.”

Roger Hallam is the author of the paper “Pivoting to the real issue” which he produced in 2018 for the Rising Up! activist network.

It outlined a strategy to create a social movement to engage in mass direct action over the climate and environmental catastrophe.

This led to the formation of Extinction Rebellion and the largest act of civil disobedience seen in the country for decades when 6000 people occupied 5 London bridges.

Both lectures, which outline some of his research, practical tests, and application to the Extinction Rebellion movement, were given in February 2019 at Kings College London.

Here is Part 2: