In the early hours of this morning a 69 year-old man climbed a 200 metre crane in the Nine Elms area of London near Vauxhall. He is protesting Israel’s occupation of Palestine and is hoping to stay “for days” flying a Palestinian flag.

Nick Georges says he doesn’t represent any particular group, but has been a supporter of Palestine after visiting there for three months as a humanitarian witness and seeing for himself the evils that ordinary Palestinians suffer under illegal occupation.

Since then he has written dozens of times to MPs but has received either no response or empty words. He has watched while JCB bulldozers manufactured in the UK demolish Palestinians’ homes, and has seen the effects of drone and rocket attacks using weapons manufactured in this country by companies like Elbit Systems.

He describes corporate and state media coverage as one-sided, and is determined to raise awareness of the plight of Palestinian people. So putting aside his fear, and carrying a heavy bag with supplies designed to help him stay for possibly days, he climbed the 200 metre crane, unfurled a large Palestinian flag, and caused commotion as police and emergency crews closed off the road below.

Nick gave us this phone interview from his birds-eye platform this afternoon.