Magid Magid is an activist and politician who attracted much media attention when he was elected Lord Mayor of Sheffield in May 2018 – the youngest ever Lord Mayor, the first ever ethnic-Somali in the role and also first Green Party councillor. Just one year later, he was elected the Green Party MEP for Yorkshire and Humber and he found himself going to Brussels alongside the other six UK Greens as part of the #GreenWave, forming the 4th largest political group (with 75 members from 16 countries) in the European Parliament, the Greens/EFA.

During his time at the EU he’s campaigned against Brexit, fought for reform of EU institutions, and aggressively attacked the far right. He believes passionately in empowering people through mechanisms like people’s assemblies to tackle inequality, racism, and climate change.

His parting gifts to the EU include the Europe’s Biggest Bigots Awards, the establishment of weekly Muslim prayers within the building (which surprisingly had never occurred before), and a farewell party held in the Place du Luxembourg where he delivered this ‘F**k Brexit’ poem and announced his hope to one day return.

“This house is on fire, crisis knocks at the door,
The Green Deal is good, but we need so much more,
because soon millions more will need looking after,
in the flames and floods of climate disaster…
Dear friends in Europe, hear our rallying cry,
‘Fuck Brexit’ to all, and to all, goodbye.”