Frack Free Lancashire groups in the Fylde have expressed outrage at their Conservative MP, Mark Menzies over remarks made that downplayed the significance of fracking in Lancashire. In an on-camera interview to That’s Lancashire, the MP talked-down the imminent fracking threat concerns on the Fylde Coast as being “not anything like to the extent [the issue that] you would think” and then went on to over-state his actions on fracking within parliament.

Lancashire has been the site of both a series of high-profile fracking projects, and widespread local resistance from the anti-fracking movement in recent months. 

The scandal-hit Menzies stated that he has:

“worked on this [fracking] assiduously, for seven years and I’ve brought about major changes to the legislation.”

According to Frack Free Lancashire: “Voters must be made aware that with regards to fracking, Mr Menzies has failed on all areas to successfully represent his constituents.

“In 2015, Menzies voted for the Infrastructure Bill, which is now law and allows fracking companies to drill under homes without permission from the owner and also gives them the legal right to leave any desired substance underneath homes. Tax payers are also liable for any clean-up costs post-fracking, should the drilling companies go bust.

“Claiming credit for any changes within fracking legislation is both deceitful and misleading. Residents who will be directly affected by fracking in Lancashire feel that Mr Menzies has overstepped the moral line considerably.”

Local resident at the Preston New Road Cuadrilla fracking site, Dianne Westgarth stated:

“Mr Menzies has repeatedly taken credit for the implementation of other people’s research and ideas, especially with regards to public health and safety, and claimed it for himself. Over the years, there have been too many excuses and too many scandals for Mr Menzies to be re-elected with any sort of confidence from people who live in the Fylde. It’s time for change.”

Nick Danby, from Roseacre Awareness Group, said:

“Mr Menzies has refused to engage with his constituents living under the threat of fracking. He has also refused to engage with the other candidates. It is not good enough and voters will be mindful of this when they come to vote this week.”