Joe Corré, founder of Talk Fracking, talks about the injunction drawn up by Ineos to ban protests on their fracking sites or against any part of their supplier chains.

Joe originally set up Talk Fracking back in 2014 to stimulate a properly informed public debate, but found that the frackers weren’t keen to engage. Since then, Talk Fracking has exposed many of the lies peddled by the industry and the government, and Joe is now challenging this draconian injunction – the subject of this interview.

After serious legal warning notices appeared in various fields across the UK, Joe applied to see the full terms of the injunction, and as a result, he was then named as a defendant along with the all-encompassing ‘persons unknown’. His court challenge last year was partially successful and some concessions were won, but he is now hoping his appeal at the High Court at the beginning of March will make further gains, and especially challenge the use of the term ‘persons unknown’.

A favourable outcome would signal that businesses can’t just buy law to quash legitimate protest.

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