Video coverage credit: FULouGraphy

Today across the UK, hundreds of activists co-ordinated banner-drops in public places from Penzance to Fife, the Isle of White to Wigan, and Carmarthen to Norwich.

Their message was clear – Drop HS2.

In London a 22-metre banner was hung from Tower Bridge, its wording highlighting the risk to London’s water supply posed by HS2’s drilling through a chalk aquifer in Colne Valley, an area which supplies drinking water to 3 million Londoners.

Since construction began, the projected budget has sky-rocketed with latest government figures estimating £106 billion in costs. Despite the unforeseen economic hit of the pandemic, and rising opposition to the project from many quarters, the work continues and any protests are regularly repressed using CoVid restrictions, while construction workers apparently remain exempt.

Groups such as the National Trust, the Woodland Trust, Wildlife Trust and RSPB have all criticised HS2 Ltd for its absence of mitigation, destruction of ancient woodland environment, and lack of viable planning.

Today’s protests were co-ordinated by HS2 Rebellion, other anti-HS2 groups and Extinction Rebellion, and designed to be CoVid-safe.