The Glassroom is an exhibition ‘looking into your online life.’ It runs in London until the 12th of November.
It gives the public a chance to see some of the ways in which our data is being used by companies, and what’s going on behind the ‘free services’ we sign up to. 
We spoke to Manuel Beltran, a speaker at Glassroom who runs the Institute for Human Obsolescence in Amsterdam, about his work: 

The Institute for Human Obsolescence is an organisation through which we are trying to explore the future of labour. Particularly here at the Glassroom we are presenting an installation about the production of data as a form of labour, in a nutshell. It’s to shift our understanding from being the users of platforms, rather to understand this relationship as workers of the platform. 
RM: Are we in a stage of data slavery? 
You could say so. We are not getting paid, we are not even understanding this relationship as one of workers. We are unconscious slaves. 
Beltran discusses the data basic income in the video below, and you can find out more by visiting the site here. 

Manuel Beltrán: Human Obsolescence & Data Basic Income >> Elevate Festival 2017 from Elevate Festival on Vimeo.

There are plenty more things to see at the event including workshops, installations and speakers. Go here for more info