Day 9 in the Cuadrilla House… and the good people grow more numerous, more affronted, more impassioned and ever-more determined to halt this dangerous industry and its obnoxious disregard of planning limitations, road safety and us. There is growing anger that abuses of Planning that are clear to all witnessing – go unchallenged. Why do they go unchallenged? Because the Council can’t afford the manpower… doesn’t bode well for if this gets further progressed to dangerous chemicals, waste, methane venting, masses of vehicle movements etc.

So a tactic/response was devised amongst those who spend time at the roadside of the A583 (Preston New Road)… Planning breaches would be monitored by those witnessing and the action causing the breach, halted by us. When we arrived this morning, the site staff and police were told that if any attempt was made to again move the fencing so that it takes the whole road, blocks traffic and risks emergency traffic in order to turn the huge vehicles… then we would be placing our bodies against the fence and any attempt to push us would be too dangerous. Unless a Planning Inspector is on site, we’re left with no option in the interest of the safety of our community. Workers had originally said that fence moving would be needed for large loads today – after they were informed of plans, only vehicles that could turn without fence-moving, came.

About that emergency traffic issue:
Protectors maintained the clearway for ambulances despite Cuadrilla’s fiasco of a traffic plan that has caused delays already to emergency vehicles. It is clear this would happen as an ambulance on this vital ‘blue light’ route has only one lane to journey on and if traffic is already oncoming in it, there is no way through. We work hard to ensure there is not disruption on this road but Cuadrilla have no regard. Cuadrilla PR has tried since the start of this, to say that we are causing traffic… rather than their red lights, fence movements and lane closure! Grrrr.

Each day that progresses brings a growing rage… personally, I see the steps being taken and although we are aiming to get this stopped in one of the legal challenges or because bankruptcy for Cuadrilla is so close – the powerful urge to surge forward and just STOP IT! Is hard to ignore. I see this growing in Protectors around me, of all types.

Today progress was impacted; 5 x slow-walks and trucks were held back at Whitehills Business Park. At the end of the day when some of us had to dash for school pick-ups, they were closing down for 3pm and said no more trucks. Thankfully others were still on site when a sneaky last truck came through – abusing planning at 3:30pm. All video and photographic evidence of breaches is sent to Lancashire County Council – where they appear unable to do anything about it. Then they wonder why actions escalate and people have to act in self-defence – our democracy fails us completely but serves Cuadrilla like a hand-maiden.

Some days I want to walk away – look for an exit and run… but since the day I discovered the truth of this industry, I have stood on some road somewhere – blocking the route to our young; this is just another road and the same one all at once and I know there is no exit till the threat is gone. See you in the morning x