We already have thousands of miles of train tracks in this country that could be updated, which would mean that the whole of the country could receive high-speed rail like many other countries in Europe do, and the idea of destroying ancient woodland which we already have so little of in order to build a second train system which we don’t really need, which is going to cost a huge sum of money that we don’t really have, just seems silly.”

The CoVid furlough system looks set to cost the country around HALF the current estimated cost of HS2. If a major recession and probable severe austerity and job losses are on the horizon, why has the government pushed ahead hard during the lockdown to tear down woodlands and risk spreading the virus among construction workers, while clamping down on protest.

On Friday, around a dozen protesters, including a mini-samba band held a non-disruptive protest to highlight the proposed felling of ancient London Plane trees in a beautiful park in front of Euston Station – the HS2 terminus.

As the protesters were not interfering with construction on this occasion, police decided not to enforce CoVid regulations, highlighting their political approach to enforcement at the behest of HS2 Ltd.

The aim of the action was to raise awareness of the plans to destroy this peaceful oasis next to the heavily polluted and busy Euston Road. They intend to resist the plans and anyone interested in helping can check out their F*c*book page (HS2 Rebellion) and learn how to safely climb trees and/or support the campaign in other ways.