Co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, Roger Hallam, is in court over a direct action at Kings College as part of a divestment campaign more than two years ago in early 2017.

Together with Dave Durant, an alumnus and graduate of International Politics at the university, Hallam is charged with criminal damage as a result of spray-painting the building with chalk-based aerosol causing, the college claims, more than £7000 damage.

During the two intervening years, Hallam was allowed back to continue his PhD in radical mobilisation, and the university dropped any sanctions against both men, but the Crown Prosecution Service has now taken the case on “in the public interest”, and a jury will decide on their guilt at Southwark Crown Court.

This above film was made on day one of proceedings. Both the accused are defending themselves in court without legal representation.

Below is a reminder of the original protest – the original film was shown in court by the prosecution as evidence.

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