On 3rd April a wide coalition of campaign and civil rights groups including Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion, held more than 50 protests around the UK in response to the government’s plans to introduce its Police, Courts, Crime and Sentencing Bill which will give the Secretary of State sweeping powers to ban protest, and give the justice system draconian sentencing powers over even the mildest of peaceful protest. The bill also targets the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities and marks a descent into anti-democratic and authoritarian power reminiscent of Fascist history.

In response to widespread alarm and condemnation, the Bill’s progress was paused after its second reading in the House of Commons last month, but it is still due to return later in the year.

Jeremy Corbyn attended the protest on Saturday which attracted several thousand people marching from Speakers’ Corner to Parliament Square where this 11 minute speech was delivered.