On Monday we attended a strange press launch for six independent candidates for the London constituency in the coming European election. They held it, knee deep in the River Thames near the Festival Pier, to bring attention to the risk of flooding that the rapidly changing climate brings. What was also unusual was that none of these candidates want you to vote for them.

Instead, they are supporting a 19 year old woman named Daze Aghaji, who wants to bring the voice of youth and the urgency of the ecological emergency into the European parliament. She is studying hard at Goldsmiths University for a degree in History and Politics, so wasn’t able to attend this watery press conference.

The six candidates intend to use their election platform to highlight the impending crisis and the paucity of government response – some will also commit acts of civil disobedience in the run-up to the election.

More info on their campaign at http://climateemergencyindependents.co.uk