For more than ten days, the anti-HS2 tree protectors have held out against eviction from their warren of tunnels under Euston Square Gardens, making it the longest tunnel occupation in 20 years.

Last night, young activist Lazer came out of the hole, in return for securing concessions for the six who remain underground despite 24-hour work by eviction bailiffs attempting to secure the site.

The protesters want construction work on HS2 paused and a Citizen’s Assembly to decide the future of the HS2 project, while the government seems intent on pushing ahead with a project costing tens of billions of pounds, despite the new challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

A few dozen supporters came out last night and used their exercise time to walk around the gardens with candles and other lights, to show solidarity with the activists within.

Police used coronavirus legislation to shut down the event, despite the fact that most people were social distancing in the open air while wearing masks.