Saturday, May 27, 2017



Kam Sandhu is an investigative journalist and editor at Real Media.

Having spent several years reporting on welfare and austerity at RealFare, Kam co-founded Real Media as a combative independent platform to challenge media distortion of issues, whilst promoting and creating public interest journalism.

She has produced several short films, and hosts the monthly Real Media podcast ‘Now We Here’ – covering news from the perspectives of people of colour.


In a previous life Thomas Barlow was a club promoter and festival organiser.  He co-founded two festivals: Pangaea at UMSU which continues to this day, and Mad Ferret which is now part of Parklife. He also organised Dead Prez’s first UK tour and worked with top acts in Dub, DnB, Global and UK Hip Hop scenes.

That was a while ago however. Since those halcyon days Barlow has been an active community organiser and activist.  He specifically was focused on environmentalism and anti fascism before moving on to work for Kam at RealFare. Together they hatched the plan to create a platform that would promote and support independent media after realising something more was needed to challenge current dominant stories about the poor and the vulnerable.

He is very glad that they are still working on this together and proud of their progress so far.


After training in music and sound engineering, Rikki spent much of his life in the music industry, touring with pop, rock and jazz bands, producing DnB and DJing, and latterly running a partnership for more than a decade writing music for TV.

Since 2000, his interest in film and photo journalism has grown, and for many years he was a major contributor to the Indymedia UK site.

Following the Government’s attempts to clamp down on Brian Haw’s permanent peace protest in Parliament Square, he made his first feature ‘SOCPA – The Movie’ which was shown at London cinemas. Whilst working on that film, he met Mark Thomas and later filmed many of his ‘100 Acts of Dissent’. He has also worked with Reverend Billy, BP or not BP?, and toured with the Talk Fracking campaign.

While still writing music for film, journalism has now become his main focus, and he joined the NUJ early in 2015.  He now produces campaigning video journalism, through Real Media and his Clear Blue Films production house.


Garry Glass is a Critical Geographer and Anarchist from Edinburgh. His writing is concerned with deconstructing dominant discourses at the intersection of social, ecological and technological change. An ardent abolitionist, he has written speculative critiques for Real Media on a range of topics including; Geoengineering, Digital Rights Management and Autonomous Weapons.


Lori Inglis Hall grew up in the wilds of working class, suburban Leicester, and lived in Brighton and London before settling in rural Sussex, where she dreams of self-sufficiency.

Her time in Brighton coincided with the second Iraq war, and she became increasingly politicised during her undergraduate years.

Her Masters in Women’s Studies led her to Westminster and she spent six years working with Parliamentary committees, an experience she found increasingly infuriating and demoralising.

Unsurprisingly, she found the British parliamentary system to be unwieldy, backwards and unwilling to modernise, still hostile to the progression of women, and unlikely to ever be changed from within.

She lives in Sussex with her family, grows lots of vegetables, and writes whenever she can.


After graduating from The University of Manchester in 2015 and promising to never return to academia, Casper has just started a MA in journalism at Goldsmiths. The prospect of looming deadlines, minimal sleep and the loss of his sanity was too enticing to pass up after a year in the service sector.

The countless hours spent at flat political meetings and poorly attended rallies during his undergraduate degree has made him all the more excited to be given the position of student correspondent in what could be a groundbreaking year for student politics. He will be reporting on the change in the NUS leadership and the Rent Strike campaign as it goes nationwide. 


Chitra Nagarajan is an activist and writer who works to promote and protect human rights and build peace. She has worked in China, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, the United Kingdom and the United States. She is part of anti-racist, feminist, queer and related movements and lives and works in Nigeria.


Guilaine is a French woman, a migrant, and a proud child of the French Banlieue with solid roots in Africa.  She is an aspiring intersectional feminist, an equality consultant, a therapist and writer.

Currently, she is completing a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Guilaine’s writing and clinical interests centre on mental health, social exclusion and their intersection with oppression, marginalisation and racism. As a therapist and psychologist, she aspires to develop models of intervention and formulation that centre Blackness, social injustice and the experiences of people of the African diaspora and of people of colour. Guilaine is one of the hosts of ‘Now we here’ Real Media ‘s monthly podcast which focuses on the experiences of people of colour in the UK. To learn more about her work please and


Merrick Badger has been an environmental and social justice activist since the 1990s. He’s been pulled out of trees and dug out of tunnels whilst defending woodland, and dragged out of roads when blocking access to arms fairs and fracking sites.

This kind of shenanigans led to him being befriended by several undercover police officers. In 2010 he was one of the group who confronted and unmasked their comrade Mark Stone, aka police officer Mark Kennedy. Since then he’s worked with other targeted activists and legal teams to expose more of the officers and methods of Britain’s political secret police.

He’s been doing zines, articles and pamphlets since the days of typewriters, and has also written two books. Battle for the Trees is about experiences at the 1996 Newbury Bypass tree protest, The Story About Peter Wells is a biography of the first person to bring a European Court of Human Rights case challenging the UK’s legislative discrimination against gay men.

He lives in Leeds and is an active member of housing and workers’ co-operatives.


Jude joined Real Media this year to support social media activity and communications. Interning at a number of national publications following her degree in Journalism only served to solidify and strengthen Jude’s belief that the nation is being propagandized and distracted by a mainstream media with sinister and vested interests.

She has since worked on a large data project at the award-winning not-for-profit organisation, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism. The housing team’s findings made the front page of the Guardian and the Observer.

She’s just returned from 8 months slowly making her way around South America. While she failed to find herself, she did fall in love with this awesome continent.


Isaac grew up in the Calder Valley and is currently living in Manchester. He is part of the core team of Greater Manchester Housing Action, an umbrella housing campaign pushing for solutions to Manchester’s housing crisis with an eye to the 2017 Mayoral election. He is also an active volunteer with RECLAIM Project and is engaged with a number of creative and artistic projects as well.