National activist organisation Reclaim the Power launched a month of ‘unprecedented’ resistance to fracking in the UK yesterday (Saturday 1st of July), as racking company Cuadrilla prepare to start work at the highly controversial site at Preston New Road.  

The ‘Rolling Resistance’ will see creative and disruptive actions against fracking every single working day through the month of July.

Reclaim the Power is a UK-based direct action network fighting for social, environmental and economic justice. Their previous actions have included anti-fracking action camps in Blackpool and at Didcot Power station, two weeks of action targeting the fracking industry’s supply chain this April, and shutting down the UK’s largest open cast coal mine in Wales in 2016.  

Local and national opposition to the fracking plans at Preston New Road have long been widespread and determined – with significant disruptions to Cuadrilla’s operations already secured by peaceful protestors. 

According to a spokesperson for Reclaim the Power: “What happens at Preston New Road is a litmus test for the future prospects of the whole fracking industry. Reclaim the Power aims to stop fracking in its tracks at this flagship site, continue to quake investor confidence in this unproven, risky industry, and support and reinforce the ongoing resistance of local people against fracking in Lancashire.

“As Cuadrilla continues to try and force itself on the unwilling local public, the Rolling Resistance will draw in a diverse range of individuals and groups from the movement against fracking and fossil fuel extraction across the UK. These groups are united in opposing the catastrophic damage fracking would cause to our public health, climate, precious countryside, and the local economy.

“Together, these groups will deliver a month of creative actions, public demonstrations, skill-sharing, workshops, direct action training, entertainment and family-friendly activities – saying no to fracking in Lancashire, and no to fracking anywhere else in the UK.”

More information about the planned actions, and how to get involved, can be found here